Weaning my second baby

I have an 11 month old, baby Liam, who I have weaned since around 6 months old. I have found him to be far more challenging than my first, Jack, to wean. Liam was three weeks early and was only 5lb 12oz when born. He was dinky, and I suspect this may have something to do with how I have found weaning with him. Liam loves his milk! End of! When I first started with a puree he was not impressed. This I took as sign that he was not ready. Left it a couple of weeks and tried again. With Jack, he was very much weaned through the baby led approach. Due to his reflux, he did not take kindly to purees so lumps worked a hell of a lot better with him, and he took to it straight away.

Well, little Liam is the complete opposite. He loves his purees and struggles with lumps! It has taken him a lot longer to get used to having lumps in his mouth. With Jack I could give him finger foods, which he would chew on and swallow. Not Liam! If I give him finger foods, even now, he will shove the whole thing in his mouth and no doubt gag on a bit of it. I was cautious with Jack and choking, but Liam puts me on edge all the time! He gags on everything! He does not know, or learnt, how to simply bite/chew. I don’t know if this is just him or something to do with his development. I know he only has 3 teeth, which I have been advised shouldn’t matter, however Jack had almost a full set by the time he was the same age. Anyway, we are making progress albeit slowly, he will eat little lumps without gagging and likes quite a wide range of foods. I do forget he is only little still, and that Jack has always been forward for his age, and I know I shouldn’t compare him to his brother but it is so hard not too.


I have offered water in a sippy cup since 6 months of age and still Liam can choke on it if he takes on too much. We’re 5 months on and I’d have thought he would have got the hang of it by now, but not quite. It got to a point I was worried that he wasn’t taking on enough fluid so started to offer him squash, but that didn’t make any difference. I consulted a health visitor just to put my mind at rest and she just said to keep pursuing. I have done and we are making progress with the amount that he is starting to take. Besides, he has randomly learnt to suck a straw so that helps a little!


I plan to wean Liam off of formula and on to cows milk when he turns 1. I fear this is going to be a bit of a battle as he is still waking at night for a feed. This is something that I need to address, hubby and I are coming up with a plan. Aside from that, I want to ditch the bottle but I fear Liam just isn’t quite ready to move completely to a sippy cup just yet. I am however going to offer his mid afternoon milk in the cup rather than a bottle so that he gets used to it. Its only been a couple of years since I had to make the transition with Jack, but I just cannot remember what I did!

Anyway, overall we are taking baby steps, and we are definitely making progress, so I think I will just have to accept that he will grasp this in his own time, the last think I want to do is rush him. Stay tuned for an update in the coming months.


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