Back to School Haul at WestQuay, Southampton

With the kids going back to school soon I was invited along by WestQuay to collaborate with them to do a little ‘Supermarket Sweep’ style of the Shopping Centre, based in Southampton. I took my little side kick (Jack) as I thought it was a chance for him to have a say and get involved with selecting the items he would need for school. He was such a great little helper!

Read on to find out what we got up to and came away with…

Back to school Collaboration with WestQuay

First stop Smiggle! I’d heard of this shop prior to visiting however I wasn’t prepared for the amount of great stuff! Some of it also brought back such fond memories of my own childhood in the form of pencil cases with loads of hidden compartments, and zipped cases with all the pens, pencils, and stationery items you’d want as a kid!

Aside from all that, they had a great selection of items for school including bags, rucksacks, lunch boxes, drink bottles, key rings, pencils and stationery. We came away with a very generously sized lunch bag, a bento box, a drinks bottle and an initial key ring, which he will attach to his book-bag. I could have bought so much more but we had to continue with our quest.

Smiggle currently have some great offers on at the moment. especially a back-to-school £50 bundle. They weren’t able to tell me an end date, however I suspect you have until school starts to snap them up! So if you haven’t already, head in there this weekend for a peak and a great deal! Please note deals may have changed at the time this post has gone live.

After Smiggle we headed to Next. They have a great range of good quality school clothing. Here we picked up a pair of black trousers and a multi-pack of their white polo t-shirts. We were after a pair of black pumps, however they didn’t have his size. I had initially unknowingly picked up a girls pair. It had pink on the inside which I hadn’t noticed until Jack pointed it out!

Following on from Next we headed to the ever popular M&S school department. I haven’t personally bought school items from here before but I have heard great things about the quality of their uniform. Here Jack found a set of socks with days of the week on them. There are 7 pairs, so at least he’s sorted for the week. Trust him, so like me! We then looked at the black pumps. Jack tried a pair on, but he said they were uncomfortable. This has been a ‘thing’ recently and has made finding footwear very difficult. We were set to move on to another shop when Jack stopped me to say he’d found a different pair. When held, the style of these felt lovely. They appeared to have a little padding bit around the back and a rubber bit along the toe. Jack happily tried them on and instantly took a liking to them – result!

Our final stop was the John Lewis back to school department. Here we picked up a lovely pair of grey school trousers. As you would come to expect from John Lewis they had a great selection of items, especially in their trouser department. Who knew you could get so many options for a four year old!? They had a great display area too and a hopscotch on the floor as you enter, which of course Jack couldn’t resist!

I must admit, I was genuinely surprised at the amount of choice I had when it came to school items. I’m so pleased with the items we purchased especially the little win with the footwear. You have no-idea how many battles we have had! I hope you are all set for the new school year, and to those with Reception class starters, I’m with you!

This post is in collaboration with WestQuay. All words, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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