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Mental Health and Coronavirus

There is no escaping the news and advice of late surrounding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease. If it’s not in the news, its talk at the school gates, on social media and god forbid you step into a supermarket or shop to get some groceries. Anyway, I think you get the picture. All this talk isn’t necessarily ‘good chatter’ for our mental health, especially if you…

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Luxury Nightwear – JoJo’s Secret Southampton

What do you wear in bed? You may be thinking that’s a bit of a personal question. Or, like me, you’re a busy mama with kids who throws on what’s clean and comfy without giving it much thought. In my case that’s usually a t-shirt and some leggings or comfy bottoms. I know, deep down, I should make more of an effort, however, it wasn’t…

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Digital Detox 2020 – The Low Down

What is a Digital Detox? In essence its where we take time away from our screens and focus on physical things in front of us, and interact with real people we come in to contact with. In light of recent events, personal and in the media, I think taking a few hours, days or even weeks away from our screens and social media accounts can…

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